Over 16 years as a Professional Occultist & Psychic Medium.

I have worked with thousands of people as a professional Occult Expert, Psychic Medium, and Metaphysical Teacher since 2003. My podcast, Modern Witch, is one of the most downloaded shows in occulture and was favorited by the AV Club.

Artist, Creator, & Bestselling Author

I channel my love of the occult and spiritual worlds into art, photography, magazines, podcasts, videos, music, dance, and books. I am the bestselling author of the Witch Power Series, a three part exploration of intermediate to advanced witchcraft and am eagerly awaiting the release of my fourth book, Modern Witch: Spells, Rituals, and Workings (Llewellyn 2020.)

Creator of Modern Witch and ModernWitch.com

Modern Witch is a project of mine that has had many faces. It is an AV Club favorited Podcast, a soon to be renewed Magazine, a Blog on Patheos, a Video series on Youtube, and this February a book! Find out more over at modernwitch.com!

Modern Witch: Spells, Recipes, & Workings
(Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020)

The esthetic meets the esoteric as author and creator Devin Hunter shows how to work magic for love, healing, protection, prosperity, and divination. With these insightful tips and techniques, you don’t need to wait for fate, you can create your own.

The stunning color photos throughout this book capture actual workings in progress so you can get a better understanding of what makes the magic successful, an especially important feature for visual learners and for those who want to express their passion for the esoteric by displaying a unique art book. The intention of this material is to help you build a magical practice that is wholly your own. With its brilliant design and special instructions for adjusting the practices to meet your specific needs, this book is a perfect companion as you create long-term manifestation and a more magical life.

The Bestselling Witch Power Series is NOW COMPLETE!

My goal is simple

Witchcraft, the Occult, Mysticism, Spirituality, Religion, and the Preternatural have all been a constant point of study for me. After identifying my psychic abilities at a young age, I turned to these studies to explain what I was experiencing. What blossomed as a result was a lifelong obsession with the human relationship to the psychic and spiritual forces that fill our lives. If my mission as a teacher, author, and lecturer can be distilled into one point it would be this:

To help people discover their own relationship with the spiritual and psychic world.

I believe that we can find empowerment, healing, and direction when we study our personal relationship with the transcendental, spiritual, and psychic forces found within our universe. I see these things not as paranormal, but preternatural, and believe that one day science will be able to verify and explain our experiences. Spirituality, Mysticism and the Occult are areas of life where our experiences with these forces meet our personal narrative and can be avenues for self-development as well as psychic

  • “My consultations with Devin were really good. He provided tremendous insight. He is very caring and kind.”

    Christine H
  • “Loved my reading with Devin! Great insights into what is going on in my life and definitely spot on. Highly recommend!!”

    Kathryn T
  • “If I could give more stars I would give a million! My reading with Devin changed my life and has made me feel so powerful. Devin is extremely professional, easy to connect with, and very generous. I’ll definitely be booking more readings with him…. I could not be more happy with my reading, in fact I felt the positive change in my life when I woke up this morning….”

    Taylor P