The Burden of the Witch’s Crown
Responsibility and the Sovereign Witch.

Balance, Power, Respect, Awareness, Divinity. The five points of the Pentacle of Sovereignty, the seat of the Witch’s Crown, a keystone for us in Sacred Fires that I share with readers in my first book, The Witch’s Book of Power. In our tradition, we use this as a psychic diagnostic tool; one aimed at helping us as witches not only rule over our own actions and choices, but to help us live in “right relation” with the forces of the universe as an autonomous Sovereign being. For many witches the ability to become and then remain sovereign unto themselves is something that is worth fighting for, so much so that the clear majority of practioners are solitary.

Beyond the outer definitions of the points that can found in any dictionary, the Pentacle of Sovereignty informs us as to the threats to our sovereignty and helps us to create a plan of action to protect it. The trouble with this pentacle, along with others similar found in the Faery Tradition, is that we actually have to use it in order to receive its benefits. The power which comes from the Witch’s Crown comes from an active investment in exploring ourselves and our witch power. In the book, I go through the practices associated with the Pentacle of Sovereignty in a lengthy chapter, if you’re looking for more info, check it out at your local metaphysical bookstore, library, or wherever books are sold.

The other morning, I woke up feeling a little vague about my purpose. I was feeling saddened by what I am seeing on television, social media, and at my own interactions with family and now former friends. Not only has this been a rocky first several days but they have been absolutely polarizing. I have been involved in discussions about whether or not it was ok to punch Nazi’s (the answer is yes, always!) and whether or not America should consider eradicating the Black race (the answer is NO, Fuck off Nazi!) Discussions that I never thought I would be having with adults in the twenty-first century.

Even worse, I have watched in horror as our new president releases executive order after executive order, declaring war on the land its self (see DAPL) and blocking refugees fleeing war torn nations from entering the country (as long as they don’t come from places he has invested in, claiming that terrorists are flooding into our country disguised as the poor, weak, and tired; ignoring the fact that not one terrorist has come from those countries in forty years but keeping access to Saudi Arabia, where the terrorists responsible for 9/11 are from, wide open). But most horrifying is his grab for power by declaring a war on media after the reported information that he didn’t like and his continued censorship of scientists.

I could fill this post with the many screwed up things that are happening right now but you likely already are aware, to some extent, that the world is turning into a very dark place. We can blame whoever we want or find bliss in ignorance by looking the other way, but in doing so we are eroding the very fabric of our sovereignty as witches. The burden of our crown is that we cannot sit idly by and watch as the darkness strips power from others so easily, because history tells us that when that happens every one is in danger, especially those who think they are the safest. The burden of our crown requires us to respond to this as a threat to our own independence and sovereignty and to act accordingly. By getting swept up in attempts to continually prove the validity of our case, we are allowing ourselves to be tricked into looking at all the yesterdays that brought the darkness about, and all the tomorrows that may be ruled by the darkness, but in doing so we are neglecting the call to act today.

We have to ask ourselves if we feel there is Balance between the people and the president. If his executive orders are helping to bring balance or to destabilize it- regardless of intention.

We have to ask ourselves where his power comes from and where our power comes from. We have to ask ourselves if the power sought is good for the all, only some, or perhaps only one.

We have to ask if the people respect the president and his cabinet and if the president and his cabinet respect the people. All of the people, not just some of them; all of the president and his cabinet, not just some of them. We have to ask if the president respects the constitution and if his respect for the constitution is even necessary as president.

We have to ask if we are aware of what is happening as a result of the president’s actions, and if the president is aware of what is happening as a result of them. We must ask ourselves if we are “ok” with what we are aware of and if the president is “ok” with what he is aware of.

We must ask ourselves as divine beings if what we see is right or wrong and if it is acceptable or not. We have to ask if the divine beings we work with would be at peace with what is happening.

To keep our sovereignty during these times we have to ask ourselves a lot of really awkward and uncomfortable questions. It may seem silly to sit and ask yourself these, but by doing so you are initiating a conversation between yourself and the powers that guide you. If while reading those questions you felt even one “red flag” then your only option as a witch is to act, even if it is only in the interest of self-preservation.

The burden is heavy. It is frightening. It is crippling those around you and its gravity is so immense that it can make you feel like you are being torn apart from the inside. This is normal. This is initiation. Do not succumb to the weight, the anger, the fear, or the ignorance. Instead seek only to know yourself deeper and find comfort in the glory of defending the crown that sits upon your head.

In this case, we cannot fight alone, everyone must reach deep inside to find their purpose, and then join a cause to see it manifest. Be you healer, mystic, or mage, your magic and your voice are needed now more than ever and we all have a part to play in the days to come. So if you have been waiting or not sure if it was something you should be getting involved in, I hope you consider what is required of those who wear the Witch’s Crown.

Here is a list of resources that I have been using to stay informed. Please visit these pages and bookmark them for easy reference! Stay loud, stay woke, stay sovereign. #wearearadia

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The American Civil Liberties Union is fighting hard to block executive orders and defend the rights of those being persecuted.